About Us

Mehregan pahneh designing & engineering company was established in 1996 and began its industrial activities with automotive products in 1997 with the Volvo cabin light. With the company expanding production scope, automotive wire harness and the Nissan junior turn signal switch were added to the range of company products. The company currently has 120 personnel and is active in producing automotive parts.


Contact us

Trading dep: +982146853149

Engineering dep: +982146844365

Financial dep: +982146889388

Official dep: +982146853022, +982146889387, +982146852755

Laboratory: +982146836146


Email: info@mpcoltd.com , mpco2000@yahoo.com , Mehregan.pahneh@gmail.com

Address of factory:No 3&5, Fanavaran St, 1 Sanat Ave, Shahre Qods,Tehran, Iran